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Sources: Fliphound and OAAA

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Available and Types of Billboard Products

Browse our premium outdoor advertising inventory and the largest online digital billboard network from leading out of home and billboard companies, for real-time pricing, package rates, static and digital billboards, and product availability. Typical digital billboard message or Flip length 6, 7, or 8 seconds. Use Fliphound's outdoor advertising cost and target audience calculator to get advertising pricing, quotes, and rate information in 600 markets and cities - only Fliphound provides a nationwide network of operators and national footprint for advertisers. Check out what Fliphound advertisers say about us!

Digital LED Billboards (Bulletins, Posters, Junior Posters)
• Most advanced form of out-of-home (OOH) media advertising (electronic billboard)
• Can be scheduled and uploaded in minutes online, social media ready
• Ability to change and target messages in morning or afternoon or daily or weekly

How much does billboard advertising cost in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

Wisconsin advertising costs, rates and prices vary by market, are affordable, and can be controlled with a good media plan.

Advertise statewide or in individual cities in the State of Wisconsin. Outdoor advertising is more affordable and costs less than radio, TV, or print on a CPM basis. Looking for help access our monthly planning calendar or need creative inspiration and ad design ideas search Fliphound's billboard artwork and ad creative gallery and library. Our media buying and planning services are supported by key media partners in almost all 50 States, allowing users to buy direct in support of their national, local or statewide campaign. For rates and costs and to get the best prices for advertising, please call your outdoor advertising experts today at 316-854-8668!

Fliphound can help Milwaukee business, ad, and marketing professionals with car advertising, financial advertising, construction services advertising, healthcare advertising, hospitality advertising, insurance advertising, legal advertising, media, entertainment and sports advertising, nonprofit advertising, political advertising, real estate advertising, religious advertising, retail advertising, restaurant advertising, school advertising, social media and digital marketing advertising, small business advertising, special and local event advertising, technology advertising, and telecom and cable advertising. Learn how other businesses, ad agencies, and organizations in Milwaukee, Wisconsin can use outdoor advertising and digital billboards to reach customers by industry category.

To extend your reach use Fliphound's outdoor advertising and digital billboard network in combination with other media like TV, radio, Ad Words (Google), Facebook and mobile marketing and advertising to increase sales and drive web conversions. See how outdoor advertising extends advertising campaigns - TV by 18% radio by 45%, social media by 212% and mobile by 316%.

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is home to more than residents with a median household income of . motorists spend an average of mins driving to work each day, and more than businesses are located in . Out-of-Home (OOH) media advertising and digital LED billboards are a proven and cost-effective medium to deliver high impact and localized messages. Fliphound makes outdoor advertising easy by allowing local businesses, as well as marketing, digital, social media, and advertising agencies, to leverage premium billboard inventory and top locations to reach their target audience. Fliphound is great for businesses who want access to the largest national online digital billboard network and use outdoor advertising to build their brand, increase sales and target local audiences and out of town visitors. Outdoor advertising is affordable and enhances other digital marketing, social media, internet - SEO, or advertising initiatives. If you are a billboard owner and are looking for sell your billboard inventory or rent billboard space online please list your billboard on Fliphound.

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